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Just wallowing and writing myself out of it.

So about five years into our marriage, after we moved very far from all family, I joked about our new neighborhood during a Skype call between SD30, my husband and me.

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Advice on BM request

So SS11 wanted to come over this weekend, DH said ok (plan was to come Saturday and stay till Monday morning when he would drop him off at school).

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I just saw someone on fb giving someone else advice. They spelled "function" "funkshion"

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Daddy's lap...3rd wheel continued

I was glad to hear from all of you that I'm not crazy!!! Let me give you some background because I don't know how I will be able to stop this.

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Is this contempt?

BM allowed SD to sleep over on Friday which wasn't COed time. SD had a homework assignment that she needed to do this weekend and called BM yesterday to ask to pick it up and do it with DH.

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3rd wheel...never ends

So skids are visiting. As soon as they arrive I become the odd man out. DH and I are sitting on the couch when they arrive.

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Am I wrong in my thinking?

SD18 is out of BMs house and at a group home; she is being transitioned to her own apartment.

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We have a deadline!!

Dds bio got the court order for him to take the paternity test!! Apparently his wife is losing her mind with anger over all of this.

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ST Anniversary // BM’s wedding day

As of today, I’ve been on Step Talk for 2 years. Boy, does time fly.

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update on Osd meetimg

Date night last might and SO were out in a lovrly pub having a meal and a very much needed 'US' time.