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OT - Missing my Mom

I was on edge all damn day yesterday and could NOT figure out why. Restless, nervous, itchy (I get itchy when I nervous or upset)... felt like something was OFF.

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Actually gave up a promotion because of visitation

My ss15 comes every single weekend. I would have thought that by now he'd be wanting to hang out with friends rather than all over my dh. However that isn't the case so far.

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Trying not to get my hopes up

So I've heard through the grapevine that SD18 is not going to college after all.

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A Few More Hours

Just a few more hours 'til we take skids home.

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Would you just purchase it for him?

BM bought an item for SS9 while they were on vacation. SS9 needed help from dad putting it together and DH helped him when he came over-- a common occurrence and no big deal.

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But the CO Says... **Update**

I like to complain. I really do. Sometimes it feels good to just bitch. It's like the verbal equivalent to chocolate or something.

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Spending time with bs10 and ss17.

Today b.s. and I are having a date with his older brother at the arcade and lunch. Such a great young man.

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bm is unbelievabe

Check this out - my SO's 2 teen daughters just got their first paychecks - they only work 2 days a week and get paid once a month. They each cleared $150.

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How to deal with feeling left out :/

This is my first post on this forum - i'm not really sure where to start.

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Funny story

Funny story my dad told me I'd forgotten about.