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Morbid Topic- Funerals

So not sure if I am just weird for thinking about this... but I like to think/plan ahead. LOL!

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Weekends...getting to be too much

So I know y'all have read my post about this past weekend and daddy's lap. I just need to vent because some of this is getting to be too much. I love my DH.

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Ex dh still hasn't seen his kids

Dh still hasn't tried to see our kids or contact me to see how they are. He completely cut them off.

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New Year, new experiences - hope this helps

Greetings! I found this board over a year ago. My blogs tell the story, so often reflected in others here, of a guilty disney dad, with a demanding, agressive toxic ex and a mirror in the eldest.

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Question as a BM

Over the summer my ex took me back to court to try and reduce CS because he has another kid.

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So we needed that text for the lawyers...

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SDs ganging up on SM

ok. The 16 yo SDs have ramped up talking about and calling the BM all day long when they are with us.
I try so hard not to react and now I know for sure its the BM behind it.

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29 year old Stepson - The wedge in my marriage!

Am I being evil for disliking a 29 year old who is wasting his life away by sitting in a room 24/7 messing about on a pc calling it work when it isn't? Won't go out, can't and won't learn to drive!

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SD has gotten worse.

She's always been a spoiled, horrible, hateful person, but now she has threatened to kill one of her teachers.

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aaannnnndddddd she's gone !!!

but the joke is on me.....

constant calling, constant asking crap, asking for a friend, blablablabla, when will this little snot learn to sort her own crap out,