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MIL friended SD on Facebook

Bit of back story, we are completely estranged from SD, she moved out when she was 17 and I have not seen or spoken to her since.

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OT-what are you getting the kids for Christmas?

DS13 is big into his xbox and ps4. He is not giving us many ideas as to what to get him this year. He has told us 3 games and that is it.

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I lost my S*** this weekend!

I did not tell anyone this in my family but I officially lost my shit this weekend. Oh man did I feel bad after I did it. This is how it all played out.

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Counting our blessings

We had some very good friends over last night to BBQ and they brought their adorable puppy to play with our dogs. SD was over and dinner was awesome.

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Sometimes you just can’t keep your mouth shut. lol

Small vent.

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Child support modification

So for the people who have been following my story, DD3's father pays BM an astronomical amount of child support in my opinion. I get no money for DD3 at this time.

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Day after BM... Joy

So BM saw the Skids for that wedding she decided to use SD4 at, cuz you know, must be world's most awesome mom or some s*** if you force your child to be in a wedding while the other sits in the audie

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Hell hath no fury like me at this moment.

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"Well I can't MAKE her help out", so no one will......

I don't understand where the logic behind "She's an adult now, I can't MAKE her do anything" lies. No flipping way.

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Family pictures

So today we did our Christmas card pictures. Either I am the best mom or crazy but my son and husband live Beavus and Butt head.