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Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Its just stuff, right? I tell this to myself, a number of times. So why exactly do I feel like TBM (Toxic BM) has reached inside me and ripped my heart out, yet again?

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OT - Women Wednesday

Happy Hump Day, STalkers! I hope your week is better than mine.

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BM Back to her Normal Self - That Didn't Take Long

DH and BM have 50/50 custody. They do a 2/2/3/3 schedule. BM picks SD up every Wednesday after school.

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What to do?

So DH finally wrote BM an email last night.

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Yeah I caught that...

Currently at work...Woman of maybe 60, well dressed, good looking woman, most likely homecoming queen in her day with a woman in her early 30s also well dressed, but can’t imagine her ever being a “lo

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Can he stop me from moving?

Can he stop me from taking our kids and moving? My mom is loaning me the money to finish out the school year here and then i plan to move accross the country to live with her.

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Update On Leaving Husband 8 Months Pregnant

It’s been 7 days since I left my husband after a domestic dispute that he ripped my pregnancy clothes and threw them in the shower to get wet. Ripped hangers out of my hand and pushed me.

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Goose egg!

Today was the court date.

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Getting back to me

Hi All,

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All the drama

BM gave DH a prescription for SS7s meds for him to fill so she didn't have to give him meds this month.