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How do I get my point across....

I'm really pissed at myself and at BF because I can't get my point across about how much it hurts me that he spends so much time responding to BM insane texting and calling. I mean I can understand if you have a problem with the kids and you need to discuss, fine, or if the kids want to talk to you etc. but at 7:55AM, at 11PM, at 1AM this is not about the kids I"m sorry. Yesterday BM started at 8AM with the calls and texts about coming to get some clothes that were left at our house, I mean literally these items didn't amount to anything. And then after her two visits she text BF all day about a missing shirt and underwear of SD! I mean its not like the kids don't have any clothes, and besides a spare set of clothes at our house would not be a bad thing, we didn't have the items anyway. However I would be more than happy to go and purchase a set of clothes for them, my guess is though that they would end up being brought to BM house and we'd be back in the same boat.

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New here

Hi Everyone! I'm new to "stepTalk" but I've been reading and following posts for a couple of weeks now and just reading your stories and concerns for each other has really touched me. I've been a stepmom for 3 years now. SS 8, SD 10. I have 2 girls of my own 15 & 11. My relationship with BM has been a rollercoaster, and I can't stand her. I've really struggled with her, and at times she has truly got the best of me......but I am trying to really get a grip on how I let her affect my marriage and household.

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Another long weekend

This is a response to my previous blog entry...... Over this long weekend we just had my kids of course get into a fight. My youngest was on the computer and states she is bored w/ it and is done, so my older daughter decides to get on the computer and I go to the Laundry room.

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Hubby is pissed at oldest SD

Hubby is pissed at oldest SD! Youngest SD had asked me & my daughter a couple months ago (smom & ss) if I would plan her bridal shower for her 'Dads' side and said that her mother and sister can put one on for 'Moms' side..

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Starting to weird me out

I know I've been posting a lot of blogs lately, and I'm sorry...but BM is starting to weird me out. We haven't fought or anything in weeks now. I don't know what caused this sudden shift in her behavior.

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I wish I could just be completely happy...

My fiance and I live together with his 3 yr old son half the time. At first it was hard because of the BM, along with adjusting to having a little one around all the time. Things have gotten better with the BM so far and his son and I are starting to form a bond.

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Things are still looking up, but I have a question.

BM has been suprisingly easy to get along with the past couple of weeks. I think that she has realized that instead of complaining and griping about things all the time, it's more constructive to address them in an adult manner. We've discussed Christmas presents for SS and for each other through SS, and she even brought up SS getting ME something for Christmas! I was shocked! I really hope that this attitude has bled over into her home life and that things are easier on SS too now that she has decided to be more cooperative and less psycho. That being said, I have a question for you all about overnight visitation.

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I have a 3 and a half year old stepson who is in my opinion out of control. It seems all of the problems between my husband and I are around him. If his son was mine he would not be acting that way, like today and ever day he is over he is still up at almost 11pm and will be up past 12am.

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Controlling BM strikes again

SD is on swim team and when she has away meets, she is supposed to ride the bus with the team. Well, we asked the coach if on our weekends, we could take her directly to the pool, because we don't live in the area and it is hard on our family to drive from point A-B 45 minutes, then point B-C 30-60 minutes, when we could just go point A-C 30-45 minutes, not to mention we have a few conflicts. Coach said, "sure, no problem, just let us know when that will be happening."

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How many are there? A "mini" poll....

I guess I didn’t realize how many of “us” there were here? How many are pregnant (so far I’m counting 3 Caitlin, Skye22 & Sweetthing) or Trying To Conceive (TTC) or in our case plan to start trying REAL soon?