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The Life of a Drama Queen

I have to laugh or I'd been completely screaming and losing my mind. I have been writing about the ongoing tale of the xanga chatterbox site with my SD. Only to find out that of course, we are back with the narcissistic behavior, everything is of course, stepmom's fault, I am "flaunting her father" at her, excuse me. Hello. Then my SD best friend states I am jealous of SD when I am asking if her dog's are okay, and asking nonthreatening questions to her, making nonthreatening comments. (to SD). It's just too crazy. I'd like to know how you can flaunt your husband of 7 years (we have been together for nine) and he is at least 20 pounds heavier than when we married, and much more set in his ways. It's such a joke. Especially since my family and everyone else I knew early on acknowledge that I would have a problem with my SD b/c she was so jealous of my relationship with her Dad and even biomom was very aware of it and played off it. With all this going on (I'd check the xanga site when I came back from the doctor's appt), I had a dr's followup for my High Blood Pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, as the doctor said that I was in a crisis marker for either a stroke or heart attack. I have had to be on a low cholesterol/low fat diet for over a month now plus take prescriptions for the blood pressure, arrthymias,

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Wish I had a Magic 8 Ball Too

Well, I almost have to laugh. The only sentence in my SD's blog last night was that she wished she had a magic 8 ball. But she was definitely interested in the xanga chatterbox. But then her best friend took over and wrote a smart comment thinking I was someone else. Well, I posted a note back, saying she didn't know what she was talking about, Erin had know me for a long time, and she need to stay out of where she wasn't needed, that Erin would think for herself. Then, I jolted Erin and said that I had sent a letter about the situation (which I had to her Mother) and also asked about her Christmas gift which I never received a thank you for.

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I just keep pushing

I don't know sometimes why I keep pushing at my SD even though she's been gone from the house for over an year and a half with all the trouble she's into but maybe it is because I hope that sooner rather than later, it will dawn on her that all of the people around her, who are trying to tell her that she has "issues" are correct. I left a message in her xanga chatterbox in a roundabout fashion but if she knew who it was, she would never have read it. And any time she feels she may have something confrontational, she has her best friend, step in and take care of it for her, rather than stand on her own two feet. It's almost like if she may think she knows who it can be, but at the same time, is afraid to write or say anything confrontational she will avoid confrontation and say she is afraid of my husband or myself. But in any other situation, she is fine, laughing and carrying on like nothing is wrong. It is like Jekyll and Hyde. It is a great act. I am going to continue to push and try and confront her thru the site about her drug use and see how her best I can see from her comments that she is using her Mom's prescription medications and mixing alcohol. Maybe if she crashes, the school will identify something is drastically wrong. Obviously, her mom is an idiot. (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree).

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I keep trying to move forward

Well, it has now been almost three months now since we've moved here to Georgia and there have been some changes here in our household. One major change that was sudden, traumatic, and completely unexpected was the sudden, tragic loss of our eight year old greyhound to seizures/stroken on February 6, 2006. We rescued him on Superbowl weekend five years ago, and ironically, it was Superbowl weekend, that I found him, in convulsions in our master bedroom having seizures. We had moved to a single family home on an acre and had the property fenced so that he could run; he was in excellent health and there was no indication that anything was wrong. I had been working from home for the last year and a half and was quite close with both of my dogs, but especially the hound. Pretty much after both of my stepkids left, the dogs were all that I had left aside from my husband who is a civilian federal service employee (Ft. Meade) so he had been very busy since 9/11. The dogs were always by my side and my heart was broken when we had to put down my hound, Tony was he was completely paralyzed, with no chance of recovery. I did call my stepson and spoke with him about the dog for awhile and he was understanding and wrote a letter to my stepdaughter's Mom, in hopes that she would pass the information to my SD and reach out, but that didn't happen, either. But I was intent, on trying to make something positive occur out of such a negative event, and moved forward to find out about getting another greyhound rescue. I called two different area rescue groups and found that they were basically competing with each other about who placed more dogs rather than the philothanthropic views of what was best for the dogs. But I still wanted another dog as I deeply missed my Tony and wanted to make things right.

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Keep Accentuating the Positive

Well, in a nutshell, for those of us, with one or more stepchildren who have left and gone back to their biological parents where life is "far better" or shall I say the grass is greener.....accentuate the positive.

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How Much Do I Really Know?

A question keeps running through my mind as to how much do I really know, or rather how well do I really know my stepdaughter? It is like after she left and when back to her Mom's over a year and a half ago, she became like Jekyll and Hyde. Someone I feel that I obviously never really knew. The things she verbally says as well as writes are so abusive and nasty that I feel they can't be coming from the same young lady I once knew. Is it the drugs, the company she keeps, peers, or what? I haven't a clue, but I knew that I couldn't live with her in my home, out of control the way she was. And her mother finds her behavior totally acceptable. According to some things written in blogs, there are now incidents in the school with erratic behavior, and she is already threatening to harm one of the instructors at the school. It's too crazy for me to deal with and I don't feel like she is even on part of the same dimension as the rest of us. I don't know what will happen in a year when she is supposed to graduate and financially be on her own.

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Parents Allowing Teens to Sleep Together

I heard this on a local morning radio talk show yesterday and thought I'd throw it out in the forums to get your thoughts. Personally, it blew my mind that a parent would do this. OK, here it is:

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Our new life and the EX wife

First I want to thank anyone and everyone who reads this. This is the most difficult situation I my self have ever had to deal with. But here goes! I met a man 19 months ago, he was going through a nasty divorce at the time.

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I Miss the Little Things

Since my step son moved out, there has been alot of relief and less stress on our household. But there are little things about him that I miss. Things that have eternally endeared him to my heart. Since I've known him since he was 3, he's so much a part of our lives and my heart.

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StepMom blog

I have a different blog, but I refuse to write about Stepfamily stuff there, for the most part, because I want it to be happy stuff.. Stepfamily life isn't really happy.

So I wanted to start a new blog about Stepmomming.. one where I can let it all hang out.