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Two offers on the house...

They are pretty much identical. Two showings today.

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O/T when mother's give up their children

I belong to a Facebook Group of mommies and in the past 2 weeks I have seen at least 3 people post that they basically don't want their child anymore.

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Getting a little irritated with DH...

Now don't get me wrong..i absolutely adore DH so i'm not here to bash him (not today anyway lol)

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Interesting Study on Today's Trend To Delay Adulthood Activities Amongst Adolescents

Seems all the helicoptering and enmeshment has come home to roost. . .

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Out of sight out of mind

Miracle of miracles, BM found a house to rent and the sale of her and DH's place is moving toward reality.

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Update finances, BM, etc.

DH finally talked to BM about getting the house out of his name. Of course she wanted to know why the rush? Why now? I guess 5 years isn't long enough time for her.

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Change... confusion

over a year ago. I kicked my step-daughter16 out. I told her dad he could go too. in novemeber Dh and I had a a huge blow out. and I left. Shortly after my sd left him too. ran away.

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OT/ Autumn

In 3 days it will be fall. Here in Ohio the color change is gorgeous. When the sun shines on the trees it is like a show for everyone to see. Cider mills, crisp air, Halloween, a great time of year.

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The Homework Saga Continues

Last year, DH and I went to the mid-year conference and were told that neither boy was good at handing in homework, but one in particular, never handed any in.

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More updates

It has been over a week now in my place. I got some more furniture and I am starting to feel somewhat more comfortable there.