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SS Proud of SS16

He just got a part time job as a dishwasher Smiling

He is maintaining a B average at school - this is a first for him.

Next month he is scheduled to take his driver's license test.

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O/T The Year of ME!!

So since Chef spends so much money on CS and no sign of that stopping until six years from now, I've decided to spend some money on ME finally!!!

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Small update

Too Funny....I just posted about SD joining after school activities and how BM does nothing to ever help out.

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DH is doing some detecting today on SD

So last week, DH decided that we would just give SD20 our 3rd car, instead of her buying a car. I am fine with that.

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Ot... cat tried to kill me

So kitty gets a small single serve container of wet food that she works on after the dog goes to bed. She goes crazy for it and sits on her hind legs while i open it.

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OT - Thirsty Thursday

Besides WATER, do you have a go-to drink when you're thirsty?

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I guess only time will tell...

But I'm not feeling good about it.

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OSD continues to punish DH....think he is starting to get it now

A few days ago DH contacted OSD about wanting to visit during the gkids spring break, and inquired when it would be. He then cleared the dates with me, and I thought everything was set.

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Just a rant because I have anxiety...

So OSS tells BM everything down to even our finances. We don't talk about anything personal in front of OSS. He cannot be trusted to be left alone in our house at all either.

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Great father crap husband

After my last entry we reconciled and have tried to patch things up which meant me disengaging from the sds.