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Hello, Hello, Hey, Hey, Hey

Just had to stop in quick and confess to you all. I know most of the old timers had been frustrated with me dragging my feet to leave already.

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OT - Women Wednesday

This morning, I was brushing my hair and thought, "Wow. I've been in the sun a lot more than I thought!" I'm blonde and the light behind my head made it look like I had a halo (bahahahahaaaaaa!!!).

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Sort of Hypothetical Question

I am pregnant and we are going to be moving soon. We currently live in a two bedroom townhouse which isn't going to continue to work for us.

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Frustration on why my husband won't go for custody.

First and foremost I'd like a disclaimer... I came into this thinking everything could be totally functional! One of my close friends is a BM and her son has a SM and everything functions amazingly!

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So after an argument this morning about the skids once again.

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Update on my last blog will the insanity ever end

BM's daughter, not DH's daughter, (age 17) was involved in an accident with a police officer who was responding to a call. She was crossing the street and the police officer hit her.

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SS is now receving collection letters

Collection letter #3 arrived.
DH opens the mail, he doesn't really look at who it is addressed to.
DH tells me to throw it away.

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Hate my step kids

I don't know how to explain this. My husband's kids are much younger than my kids and I liked them when they were younger and I first met them but now they just irritate me beyond words.

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Shouldn't there be limits on what you do for your adult kids?

My BF lets his daughter have free reign of everything he has. He just bought a new car the other day and guess who has it? She has her own car, it's just because she wanted to drive it. Puzzled

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What do I do

I have two girls from my previous marriage. Their BM has never been easy to work with and has manipulated both girls.