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A few updates

- I recently found out that BM is marrying dude bro in January 2018. This is good news! I hope she has a long run of a marriage and stays out of mine.

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Kinda sorta OT - Vacationing with Teens

Combined DH & I have 3 teens. BD17, BS16 & SD17. Vacations have become a thorn in my(our) side & I'm feeling kinda bad about it.

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SD turns 18 in 2 Weeks

SD turns 18 in 2 weeks and says she is moving out. I pray that this is happening but I keep thinking it's too good to be true. SD has a lot of pipe dreams. I told DH I would happily pack her bags.

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The drama never ends

Around the time when DH and BM divorced, BM stole her dad's (BMDad) identity. BMDad disowned her for it.

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Well SD17 has sealed her fate...she will not graduate on time..

I knew it would happen & DH told her last night that he's not helping her try to get out of this anymore.

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SD21's wedding is OFF

On 10/11 I blogged about SD posting tons of stuff regarding her future wedding, but she didn't have a boyfriend. Turns out she'd been on 2 (count 'em, TWO) dates with a guy.

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SS turned 17. BM took him to get a tattoo.

It says, "My family is my strength and my weakness, through them I rise and only through them shall I fall."

It's actually so fitting. BM will be his downfall every time.

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Family Picture- Thoughts?

I was reading on another site and someone had posted that their SO's family (I think the sister was organizing) and wanted to do a family picture for their mom for a Christmas gift.

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police and doctors can't help

So I added an update on my previous blog "Hives" but not sure if anybody read it so I will put it on here.

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OSD refuses to speak to her dad and other trashy low life craziness

My adult OSD isn’t speaking to DH currently (since summer), and it’s greatly upsetting DH. She isn’t speaking to YSD either (few years now).