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BM is at it again.

Since my last blog...

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Proud of SS15!

SS15 got all Bs this term! This is a first for him, I'm so proud of him. He struggles in school and has to study twice as much to get passing grades.

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YSS drama

YSS ignored me when he came over last night and the only thing that he said to me was to get my dog away from him.

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OT - Foodie Friday

Thanksgiving (for me) is just 'round the corner and is the time of year that definitely ups my desire to bake.

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Christmas is coming and DH is unemployed...

So, the other shoe dropped. DH lost his job of 16 years a few weeks ago. He is heartbroken, naturally of course.

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Sick DH

I feel like a horrible human being lol. But I can't help but laugh when my DH gets sick. Which he is today.

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Step mother...primary guardian.

I have been with my husband for almost 8 years. His ex was pregnant at the time of the beginning of our relationship. They had a daughter.

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SS32 Update to the update

I didn't realize that I'd left my other blog so unfinished. I meant to come back and add more details.

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Proud of DH!!!

I posted earlier about DH stressing over paying alimony to lazy pot smoking hood BM and OSD refusing to speak to him and YSD because they aren’t sufficiently accommodating OSD’s trashy life style.

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A few updates

- I recently found out that BM is marrying dude bro in January 2018. This is good news! I hope she has a long run of a marriage and stays out of mine.