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We may never see her again...

BM had fallen off the face of the earth. Only posting on FB about once a week. And hadn't called or text SS in a few weeks.

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I Think I Win Today's Award for Whackiest SS!!! Sorry Blog Hog Today

Exploring the school portal and last year's info YSS (stb 15) in the eighth grade received detention for "hitting on a substitute teacher!"

Here is the line he used:

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O/T Shameless Bio Brag Alert

Awesomeson (DS) just landed a job as a substitute teacher from October to February for High School Math as well as his Air Force MOS of Electrical Engineer.

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Why do i have to suffer from loss

Sorry this is so long
My problems are I can’t get over my marriage ending due to kids. I love my husband so much and can’t seem to move on like everyone else. They put me in the middle and I lost.

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Homework Saga Update

DH calls SS to say he's unhappy that three assignments are missing. SS makes about a million excuses and even says that he may have an F in one class already, but he has a B in another class.

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Sd calls me grandma

Sd is calling me grandma all the time now.

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Ds snuck out last night

Last night sd comes running into our room at midnight, flips on the light and screams DADDY THERE ARE MEN OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.

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Is this normal?

Is it normal for 2 teenage girls (16/17/18 years old) to shower & go to the bathroom together?

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I Believe The Suspense is Killing Me!

So almost a month of being enrolled in college and about it from SD (stb 19) As you are aware, CS can go to 21 here and beyond particularly if skid is going to university.

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The things she comes up with...

SO BM has the worst life like EVER.