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OT - Eff Off Friday

Friday at LAST!!! This has been a craptastic week. Don't know about you, but I'm ready for the weekend. I plan to do some wining!! Laughing out loud

Eff off to:

* Micro-managing twunts

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Deadbeat BMs, Cash Cow Children and a Lack of Burgers

Hello Everyone

Hoping 2018 brings you kindness and love Smiling

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A year later

Hi everyone,

First, thanks to everyone who provided some feedback. It really helped. I'm hoping for more. Here's where things stand now and for those who didn't read the first post, feel free to.

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Day 1


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OT - Tides of Change

Its supposed to rain, but instead, we got a hard drizzle. Either way, its moisture and moisture is good.

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Letter to dh

These are some of the main points from a 6 page letter my osd wrote her father after I pulled her up for not saying thankyou for a gift we gave sgk.

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SD21 claims she was an abused child...

...because she got yelled at a couple of times.

I have no words... Where's the tequila??

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Cat Thursday Apparently...

One of my kitties woke me up at around 3:00 am yesterday, sneezing, congested, wheezing, and likely feverish. She was making a lot of noise and trying to huddle up next to me.

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OT - anyone do swagbucks?

I stumbled on it a few months ago... seems pretty legit.

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So for SS's car accident that I posted about... looks like BM has a ticket for failure to control and a court date, etc. So if SS was driving why would the ticket be issued to her?