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Ugh....sigh...more of the same

We had some time without the skids this past week and life was good. DH and I got along so well. Skids come this weekend and he's just a totally different man when they are here.

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Step daughter demeens me

I need help. I am a mother of 2 daughters who love their step dad. We have had problems with my youngest daughte (27) as she has had a hard time accepting her dads death 6 years ago.

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Dd met exs family

Yesterday dh and I took dd to her dad's family Thanksgiving celebration. There must have been over 50 people there all excited to meet dd and welcome her to the family.

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My Pre-teen SS is perpetually grounded. He messes up daily, gets bad grades at school, is too lazy to do anything w/o being asked like clean his room.

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Freak out

Partner has a very difficult mother who has taken a long time to set boundaries
She thankfully lives abroad so we don't see her that often

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Becoming sassy with the Skids

I’ve always been a mildly sarcastic person. But never with kids lol... Except for apparently now.

SD4: were not family
Me: cool, guess that’s one less person I have to do laundry for.

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My holiday wishes

I grew up in a family where my mother had 9 siblings who also had many children. Holidays were huge affairs with so many people and lots of food. No one had much money, but everyone pitched in.

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So excited

We've been saving a bit every pay check for a trip we want to take with the kids in the spring and I got to book it today.

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OT Soy affecting menstrual cycle/ fertility?

Any useful info? I am at least 4 days late but took 2 at home pregnancy tests and they are negative. I starting drinking about 3 soy lattes a week from Starbucks for the past 2 weeks.

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No Amber Alert Was Issued...

You'd better believe that if this was a non custodial FATHER, they'd issue an Amber Alert!!!