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OSD step daughter looks EXACTLY like her mom

OSD likes to pretend that she is super SM. Even though she has hardly been around her skids.

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Please give me some guidance!!

After DH and I went around and around about the YSS being disrespectful to me and his anger issues and always bullying OSS.

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YSD is moving across the pond!

Not popping the champagne until she is on the plane because YSD always has a lot of big plans and thoughts and they never actually pan out.

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How would you feel?

This is just a general question. While it could apply to my life (and kind of has at times)it's nothing directly with my life. I'm curious as to what others think and how they would feel.

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OT...Who can see this in your SO/DH's future

Beyond disgusting...

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Listening the first time

SS5 has always been a little entitled I the way that he does what he wants and has a hard time listening if it something he doesn't want.

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O/T Vent -- My Mom passed away

And none of my siblings is doing anything to help with arrangements except attempt to nix what I'm pulling together solo. None of them took bereavement time to help with any of this.

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SS10 Was sent to the principal...

...because when he and another kid collided while playing at recess, SS10 got back up and kept playing instead of asking the other kid if he needed assistance.

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O/T - what salon color would you use?

I get my hair colored at the salon. I have tried many salon brands for color ... aveda, Paul Mitchell, redken, oribe, davines... etc.

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A freaking lizard....

Uggggh I don't want a lizard in my house, then again I would be disagreeable to any additional animals in my home. I have a toddler and a cat..... more than enough in my eyes haha.