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OT - Signing Over Vehicles with XH

My XH and I are still on the titles of each other's vehicles. We bought mine with a very long loan period weeks before I moved out and asked for a divorce.

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Is DH taking advantage of me?

I'm super annoyed right now and DH thinks its totally unjustified. I don't know how to explain my feelings to him. Hopefully you all can help me figure out why i feel this way.

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OT-Update on crazy Friend

If you had read my previous blogs you all know I had a falling out with my friend. Well not sure if what the hell is wrong with her.

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I'm trying to warn him

SO and I have begun planning our wedding for later this year. My vision is something very relaxed and fun. We're older so I don't want to do the whole traditional reception type thing.

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Time to call a lawyer

So DH still hadn't heard from BM, so emailed her again, taking the advice other posters gave us in my last blog.

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Where things are and have been.

I have been involved many times over with ladies that had a child or children. Each one has been different and some better than others.

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frustrated-vent-visitation schedule horrible this year

Went to the doctor, long story short I am now stuck in a boot until Feb 3rd, my tendons are getting worse and not better.

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List of YSD Needs From BM

So, once again, BM has sent a long-winded, meandering email to DH about a bunch of seemingly non-related stuff...but what it all boils down to is she wants to get some cash out of us. Again.

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Day Trip Tomorrow

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Boo Boo Kitty...

SD21 started working at a new job Monday 1/8, after being unemployed for months.
In two weeks she has already been late twice & called off work today...