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BM is complaing about my cats again.

So apparently the little one got a scratch the last time he was here. Or not who knows but BM is trying to raise hell claiming one of my cats did it.

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Summer Camp

Yes I know it's early but we are already looking at it for budgeting.

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Can they call you mom?

So I don’t know if anyone else uses the whisper app but I LOVE it. Wonderful for those horrible little thoughts that you need to get out without any repercussions.

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Why 2 steps forward 1 back?

The kids have been with us a few days now for the hoilday.

Until today things have been going great.

Then out of no where the little one has another "accident".

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Coming in late.

I love SO's kids. One of the hardest things is that they were already old enough when I met them that they are working on independence. SO's daughter really warmed up to be this past summer.

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Divorce and marital assets.

I have a question about legal separation, divorce, and martial assests.

SO and BM have been working in their divorce for a while. In the paperwork it clearly identifies when they seperated.

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Misses mom.

Looking for some input.

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It's not your job.

One of the things I see here a lot that bothers me is this repeated statement that it’s bio parents responsibility to do something as if that absolves a step parent of all responsibilities.

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Too much from future aunt?

So this isn’t fully step related other than the children involved are my future step kids but I want to sort of get this out there and maybe anyone else has experienced this or has any advice.

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Realizations about family.

This year has been a real eye opener when it comes to my family and the way they see things.