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O/T The Year of ME!!

So since Chef spends so much money on CS and no sign of that stopping until six years from now, I've decided to spend some money on ME finally!!!

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Attorney Consult Update...what would you do?

Met with Chef's attorney today. Although in the past I have never put down my income (we are not married), he now wants to include my income on the forms.

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The Girhippo has Changed Jobs Yet Again!!! And Court Updates

Now she is a foster/shelter counselor!!! BWA HA HA HA!! Possibly the WORST mother in the world is "helping families connect!"

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O. M. G!!! Court UPDATE!!!!


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Delustional Chef: UPDATE

Well it only took 8 hours!!! I forwarded the phones to him and boy he's changed his tune. I guess I'm "focused" after all and the previous "infraction" I made was an honest mistake.

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The Chef Saga--Portrait of A PASout--Alternately Titled--What Fathers SHOULD NOT Do When Getting Divorced--LOOOONG

Note: This does NOT include all the struggles and trials I had with Chef trying to stop the Disney Dad syndrome which are TOO numerous to mention:


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O/T If you DON'T LIke Classical Music but DO Like Horror/Sci Fi Flicks

Try out Gyorgy Legeti!!! Here are some popular ones--many used for movie soundtracks:


Lux Aeterna



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Chef, You Make Me Laugh!!

Chef and I got into this tiff last night--we have a google voice number and it is textable. One of the customers texted me on the voice number. I have two sets of contacts that I don't merge.

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Stepfamily New Years Predictions

On the theme of Pixielady's post...

Good: I will most likely be getting promoted at work.

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BWA HA HA HA HA HA Delusional SD19

Posts about "four signs of an independent woman!"